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Your personal dog trainer
in Phoenix & Scottsdale

1 on 1 professional dog training in
your home, at your convenience.

Call or text (480) 226-8446

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1 on 1 Dog Training

Work with the the trainer in the comfort of your own home, or any place you need help training your dog for general obedience...

Dog Boarding

Board your dog and have them experience an at home feeling. As long as they are potty trained, they can be free in the house...

Customer Service

I always answer the phone when I'm not in training lessons! If you leave a message, I will return calls within in hour...

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About Me


I start by listening to the owner’s needs, put a plan in place and make it fun. Fueled by passion and knowledge sharing, the relationship is then built between owner, dog and myself. That constant, warm and friendly interaction helps dogs train and progress consistently over time.


Sharing a love of dogs and interacting with their people companions has led me. Self-discipline realized from being a former fitness competitor and enjoying people interaction has gone into the development of my strong and proven training methods. Follow up, attention to detail and thorough communication help establish that healthy dog training experience.

My Dog Family


Hulk is the most loveable, huge, smart dog that makes everyone smile when they see him. He is absolutely majestic! He is a very athletic, obedient, silly extra large Dane that loves to hike, play chuckit, and do training drills at the field. He enjoys public access training and doing errands with his mom. Hulk is a celebrity wherever he goes. He's well known at Target, Costco, Home Goods, and Tom's Thumb hiking trail!
Gender Male
Breed Great Dane
Age 2.5 years
Color Blue Fawnequin


Cookie is the spunkiest dog in the family! She is sweet and social, she even wags her tail super fast when human friends talk to her. Even though she is small, she is packed with a big personality! Cookie is a big dog trapped in a little dog’s body. Even though Cookie is very small, she loves to socialize with humans and big dogs. We enjoy training other small breeds to help them build confidence around others!
Gender Female
Breed Chihuahua Mix
Age 3 years
Color Brindle


Girlee is a retired breeding dog that I adopted when she was 3 years old. She is a poodle and Newfoundland mix and her personality is the absolute sweetest! Girlee has the most cuddly coat and eyes that melt your soul. She is smart, calm, patient, friendly and gets along with all people and animals that she meets! She is a great companion for puppies that need safe socialization and is an excellent helper with reactive dogs!
Gender Female
Breed Newfypoo
Age 5 years
Color White and brown


Vader is the nicest, friendliest Doberman you will ever meet! He is as sweet as he is handsome and loves to smile for the camera. Vader does not have a mean bone in his body. He's an energetic boy that loves playing ball, tug-of-war, and swimming! During the summer, he loves to play in the pool and dives with his whole head under the water! He's very smart and enjoys training drills at the field and hiking Tom's Thumb with Hulk!
Gender Male
Breed Doberman Pincher
Age 3 years
Color Black

T-Bone (Retired)

T Bone is a lover and enjoys all people and dogs. He is the official greeter when he goes to the park!
Gender Male
Race Great Dane
Color Fawn

Clifford (Retired)

Clifford is a big Teddy Bear and is everyone’s favorite dog! He wins all people over with his kind eyes and loving greeting!
Gender Male
Race Great Dane
Color Black

Gretchen (Retired)

Gretchen is a goof ball! She is beautiful, funny, smart, and always puts a smile on everyone’s face!
Gender Female
Race Great Dane
Age 9
Color Brindle

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